Alice Fredenham

Alice Fredenham was very shy and unsecure on the stage. She did not even tell anyone from her friends or family that she was taking part on the show. She thought is better that they do not know as she did not want to embarrass herself.
Then she got ready to sing. Her voice filled the stage and everyone is left speechless through the whole performance. What a performance it was !
When it finished all the public and the judges stood up applauding her. Fantastic and unique. Simon said that her voice was like Liquid Gold and That the was what he was looking for all these years. Amanda Holden said that it was one of the most mesmerising and sexy performance on the show. David Williams said: “When you sing you are like a goddess”, Alesha Dixon was absolutely speechless. Alice Could not stop crying disbelieving what had just happened. Im Sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are witnessing here the birth of a star and im sure the start of a long career for this new artist !

alice fredenham photo